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Welcome to

Roberts Primary School


Updated 05.07.2020


I do hope that you are enjoying the weekend despite the lack of sunshine. I wanted to update you on a couple of things before the end of term.

I want to thank all parents who have decided to send their children to school over the past few weeks. I know that speaking to many of you, you have welcomed the opportunity and that your children have been happy and benefited from attending even though it may have been on reduced hours. Teachers have certainly enjoyed seeing your children and having a bit of normality. Over the week we are having contact with just over 300 children which is about half of the children on roll.

You will by now have heard that the Government has stated that it is compulsory for schools to reopen to all children in September with class sizes of 30. Children are to remain in their class bubble and there are to be staggered start and end times, staggered break and lunch times and there are to be no whole school events in school. This is the information at this moment in time should this change I will inform you as soon as possible. With this in mind I wanted to let you know that if you haven’t already sent your child to school on their allocated days and wish to do so in preparation for September then you are welcome to…simply turn up on your allocated day/days and at your allocated time. Parents who I have spoken to have all said that the smaller class size has benefited children coming back to school. This smaller class size will not be available in September.

This coming week we are hoping to collect all the published reading scheme books. If your child is in school, then please can you place your child’s books in a carrier bag with handles tied and put the name of your child on a piece of paper inside the bag. When you attend school with your child, please place the sealed bag in one of the containers available outside your child’s year group classrooms.

Teachers have been busy writing school reports for the two terms the children have been in school. Your child will bring their school report and their books home to you in a sealed plastic bag at some point this week depending on the day they are attending. Please leave this bag for 72 hours before opening.

If your child is not in school, then please attend at the following times to collect your child’s report and books and also bring your child’s reading books back to school.

  • Year 6 Friday 10th July from Main Reception area between 10am and 2:30pm
  • Year 1 and 2 Monday 13th July from Nursery entrance between 10am and 2:30pm
  • Year 3 and 4 Monday 13th July from Main Reception between 10am and 2:30pm
  • Year 5 Tuesday 14th July from Main Reception between 10am and 2:30pm
  • Reception and Nursery Tuesday 14th July from Nursery entrance between 10am and 2:30pm

Your child’s reports will only be available between these times and we will be unable to give these items to other children’s parents due to the report being confidential. Should you not be able to attend between these times then please do not worry we will keep everything for September.

School will be closed for the school holidays on 17th July 3:30pm. Please note that this is now a full day and will not be closing at 1:30 as initially stated in our school dates. If you have holiday plans that mean your child needs to leave at 1:30 then please let us know.

School will re-open on Thursday 3rd September for all pupils. We are placing an extra INSET day on Wednesday 2nd September, this is because we need the day for First Aid training and specific training to meet the needs of specific pupils. This would normally have taken place in the summer term. This training is important to keep pupils safe. We also have a significant building project during the holidays. Reception and Key stage 1 toilets are being refurbished, the project end date is the 1st September, but the extra day will ensure that all is working well before children return and should it not be then there is a little time to sort it.

You will be notified of your child’s new class teacher with your report and the time and end starts for your child’s new class in September. We will introduce your child to their new class teacher if they are in school in the hope of reducing the normal anxiety that accompanies a new school year. If your child is not in school and you are unable to collect the information at the allocated times, then we will notify you by text and place the information on our website.

Some of you will have concerns about the before and after school club, this will definitely not be running for the first two weeks of term. We will look to see if we can offer some kind of service after that, but risk assessments need to be completed and guidance needs to be scrutinised with staff to ensure that we can meet requirements and keep your children safe.

We know that the trips that were arranged for this year with your £10 were cancelled so these will be re-arranged for next year when it is safe to do so. Year 6 will have their £10 reimbursed to them. We will notify you when this is ready. Any after school club payments for Year 6 will also be reimbursed.

I think that I have covered the main questions that might need to be answered by yourselves but if you have any personal questions then either ask your child’s teacher on the door when you leave or collect your child or email info@roberts.dudley.sch.uk and someone will get back to you.

It has been a very strange and challenging time for all of us these pasts few months and I do hope for all of our sakes that things are starting to settle. I will write to you all again should any details change from what is in this letter. I hope to see many of you this week and maybe a few new faces too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Kind regards,

D Hunt


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Welcome to our website which we hope you will find helpful and informative. Please contact the school if you need more information.

"Lighting the Way to Success"

At Roberts Primary School we want every child to achieve their full potential, to be happy and to develop a wide range of skills to equip them for their future lives. We believe that everyone can be successful in some way. We offer every child the chance to learn in an exciting and creative environment and to experience a caring, personalised education, and are encouraged and supported to achieve the very best that they can. We extend to each child a wide range of out of school active learning opportunities which may enrich their school days and help them to develop tolerance and self discipline. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and other agencies to enable everyone to live a full and healthy life and to make a positive contribution to our community.

Through the National Curriculum and work of the school we aim to:

  • encourage the children to develop positive attitudes to learning and to achieve high standards of success;
  • provide equality of opportunity for all children and staff;
  • foster close co-operation between the school, home and wider community;
  • help children to acquire a set of moral and spiritual values and develop habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour;
  • help children to understand the world in which they live and so become caring, reliable and responsible members of society.

At Roberts Primary School, we believe that to be successful learners children need to be able to:

  • work in partnership with others;
  • solve problems;
  • become a good role model in society;
  • think for their selves and make their own decisions.

In order to be able to do these things successfully, children at Roberts need to live and learn 7 learning behaviours:

  • Respect; looking out for each other and our environment.
  • Cooperation; working together.
  • Reasoning; being able to work things out.
  • Communication; explain their thinking to others.
  • Resilience; not giving up when the going gets tough.
  • Curious; asking questions and investigating further.
  • Reflect; thinking about and learning from successes and failures.

To see our latest Ofsted report (January 2018: GOOD) click here.

Welcome to Roberts! Take a look around...

Mrs Dawn Hunt