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Welcome to

Roberts Primary School


Updated 19.05.2020



Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sure that you will have seen the news and will know that the Government have asked schools to reopen on the 1st June, unless all changes next week. I feel that it is important to let you know our plans at Roberts before half term so it can give you time as a parent to think about what you wish to do or make plans. As far as I am aware, it is parental choice as to whether you send your child to school or not. Local Authority are not issuing fines or monitoring school attendance during this time. The guidance remains the same regarding shielding and self-isolating, if your child is in any of these categories then they must not be in school.

There are several constraints that have guided us to make the decision about the way forward at Roberts over the next few weeks but the four main ones are below:

  • Class size of no more than 15
  • Children are to remain with these 15 children and not mix with any other groups (referred to as a bubble)
  • Cleaning of all equipment following children’s use and limiting the equipment that any one person touches
  • Space to be used to minimise contact.

Will all these things in mind, we have decided to open the school on a phased approach for year groups Rec, Year 1, Year 6 and Nursery. Monday 1st June, school will welcome back to school the children from Reception and Year 6 initially for two days a week- either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. You will be notified of which two days you have been allocated.

Monday 8th June, school will welcome back the children from Year 1 again initially for two days a week- either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. You will be notified of which two days you have been allocated.

Monday 15th June the plan will be to offer Nursery two sessions per week- Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday.

If the Government and scientists say that it is safe to bring other children back before the end of summer term, then we will write to you with our plan nearer the time to inform you of what we plan to do.

School will continue to provide Key-worker childcare provision for those year groups not mentioned above.

I feel that it is important to explain to you how we made our decision and why we haven’t decided, after risk assessing, to allow all children back on the first day:

  • Child’s Wellbeing

You will know that Roberts is a huge school and the year groups that have been requested to come back first total 270 children. All of these children need to be put in groups of 15 and would have to be spread across the school and possibly taught by teachers that they are very unfamiliar with. I personally felt that this was not in the best interests of the children as it may be difficult for them to come back anyway after such a long break. Young children need to be taught by their own class teacher providing they are safe and well. Too many children using toilets or using unfamiliar toilets can also be a problem. Having fewer children at one time would reduce the risk of contact and infection.

  • Minimising Contact

With all 270 children in school at one time, this will not enable us to teach the children about social distancing to keep themselves safe. Let’s face it, young children will not automatically practise social distancing so by reducing the number of children in one area of the school will make this easier to encourage. Fewer children on playgrounds and corridors will all help to keep everyone safe. Similarly, 270 parents collecting children from the same area of school is not a good idea either. There will also be staggered start times for the day and also staggered times for dismissal at the end of the day to minimise contact. You will be notified of these in your personal letter.

  • Cleaning the Environment

We are fortunate to have a lovely clean site but extra care needs to be taken with cleaning the areas and resources. Wednesday will allow the whole area to be cleaned between the two groups of children. Resources can be swapped over so that the two groups do not use the same resources or they can be cleaned appropriately. Again this is to keep children and your families safe. Wednesday still allows time for teachers to plan the home learning activities for three days for you to do at home. (Children in years 2, 3, 4, and 5 will continue with 5 days home learning activities)

We believe that initially this is the best approach in order to keep you, your children and my staff safe. This approach also allows us opportunity to bring children from other year groups back to school for a short time before the summer term if it is safe to do so.

This letter is for all parents to know the school’s plan for the phased return, I know that it doesn’t include the fine details but Reception, Year 1, Nursery and Year 6 parents will get this in a personal letter or email so please don’t worry. Should Government decisions change which affects this then I will do my best to let you know as soon as possible.

There is no need to inform us at this stage the reasons that you are choosing not to send your child back to school. We know that many of you will feel anxious. This is parental choice and under the circumstance you need to do what is right for your child and family at this uncertain time. School will respect your decisions.

Kind regards,

D Hunt



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Welcome to our website which we hope you will find helpful and informative. Please contact the school if you need more information.

"Lighting the Way to Success"

At Roberts Primary School we want every child to achieve their full potential, to be happy and to develop a wide range of skills to equip them for their future lives. We believe that everyone can be successful in some way. We offer every child the chance to learn in an exciting and creative environment and to experience a caring, personalised education, and are encouraged and supported to achieve the very best that they can. We extend to each child a wide range of out of school active learning opportunities which may enrich their school days and help them to develop tolerance and self discipline. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and other agencies to enable everyone to live a full and healthy life and to make a positive contribution to our community.

Through the National Curriculum and work of the school we aim to:

  • encourage the children to develop positive attitudes to learning and to achieve high standards of success;
  • provide equality of opportunity for all children and staff;
  • foster close co-operation between the school, home and wider community;
  • help children to acquire a set of moral and spiritual values and develop habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour;
  • help children to understand the world in which they live and so become caring, reliable and responsible members of society.

At Roberts Primary School, we believe that to be successful learners children need to be able to:

  • work in partnership with others;
  • solve problems;
  • become a good role model in society;
  • think for their selves and make their own decisions.

In order to be able to do these things successfully, children at Roberts need to live and learn 7 learning behaviours:

  • Respect; looking out for each other and our environment.
  • Cooperation; working together.
  • Reasoning; being able to work things out.
  • Communication; explain their thinking to others.
  • Resilience; not giving up when the going gets tough.
  • Curious; asking questions and investigating further.
  • Reflect; thinking about and learning from successes and failures.

To see our latest Ofsted report (January 2018: GOOD) click here.

Welcome to Roberts! Take a look around...

Mrs Dawn Hunt