• Upcoming Events

    For more information about upcoming events, please check the calendar page of the school website.

  • Springs Church - COVID-19 Outbreak. Support: 07938 682770 or 07938 682771

    If you are self isolating and in need of help, Springs Church can pick up supplies, prescriptions or be there to talk to you on the phone - call 07938 682770 or 07938 682771

  • BBC Bitesize

    BBC Bitesize, an education package across TV and online helping to keep children learning at home, is available on the "Home Learning" tab of the school website.

  • Oak National Academy

    The Oak National Academy, an online classroom and resource hub is available on the "Home Learning" tab of the school website.

  • The Body Coach - P.E. with Jo

    Are you still keeping up with Joe Wicks and his online PE lessons to help keep children fit and healthy during the school shutdown!

  • COVID-19 - letters: Please read our latest letter (17.07.2020)

    All letters that have been published on the home page regarding COVID-19 can be found under the "Information" tab in the Letters folder.

  • Nursery and Reception: Fun and simple activities to do with your young child at home.

    A booklet from the National Literacy Trust, called "At Home Booklet for Parents" has been uploaded to the home learning website page for Nursery and Reception.

  • Childline

    Children from Year 1 to Year 6 listened to a fantastic assembly from the NSPCC about speaking out and stating safe. Go to www.childline.org.uk for more information.

  • School Dinners 2020-21

    Please note that school meal prices will remain £2.40 for September 2020. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 do not have to pay for theirs.

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

    Please read our risk assessment in relation to COVID-19 and children returning to school, written following Dudley Local Authority's guidelines.

  • CEOP - Online Safety Activity Packs

    CEOP education team have released another set of online safety activity packs for parents. All packs can be downloaded on our home learning page under online safety.

  • The Summer Reading Challenge: 4 – 11 year olds (June - August 2020)

    Children are encouraged to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays.

    Children sign up at www.sillysquad.org.uk and set their own challenge to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays.

    Each time they finish a book, they add it to their profile and write a review.

    Children receive a downloadable certificate once they’ve completed their challenge!

  • Return of Reading Books (July 2020)

    Please return your child's reading books to school. Boxes are set up outside each year group for you to leave them in.

  • CEOP: New Online Safety Packs - Gaming

    CEOP have released their new activity packs for all age ranges, this time focussing on the activity of online gaming. Links to the various packs can be found under Online Safety in Home Learning.

  • Please tell us if you change your address or contact details at any time.

    Help us to keep in touch with you by text and mobile!

  • Brightsparks/sQuid - September 2020

    As of September 2020 we will be unable to accept routine cash payments for Brightsparks. Please see the front page of the website or the letters folder for full details.

  • Year 6 - West Midlands Police Safer Travel Learning Packs

    Please find information from West Midlands Police Safer Travel to help Year 6 travel safely to their secondary schools in the Year 6 Home Learning folder for week beginning 13.07.2020.