• Calendar Page - 15.10.2020

    We are having technical difficulties with our calendar page at the moment. As soon as this has been resolved, we will update with our new dates. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Harvest 2020 - Black Country Foodbank - Friday 6th November

    Please give generously and help us to continue to help people in our local community by bringing to school at least one item from our ‘Shopping List’ before Friday 6th November.

  • Upcoming Events

    For more information about upcoming events, please check the calendar page of the school website.

  • Springs Church - COVID-19 Outbreak. Support: 07938 682770 or 07938 682771

    If you are self isolating and in need of help, Springs Church can pick up supplies, prescriptions or be there to talk to you on the phone - call 07938 682770 or 07938 682771

  • COVID-19 - letters: Please read our letters

    All letters that have been published on the home page regarding COVID-19 can be found under the "Information" tab in the Letters folder.

  • Childline

    Children from Year 1 to Year 6 listened to a fantastic assembly from the NSPCC about speaking out and stating safe. Go to www.childline.org.uk for more information.

  • School Dinners 2020-21

    Please note that school meal prices will remain £2.40 for September 2020. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 do not have to pay for theirs.

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment - September 2020

    Please read our risk assessment in relation to COVID-19 and children returning to school in September, written following Dudley Local Authority's guidelines.

  • CEOP - Online Safety Activity Packs

    CEOP education team have released another set of online safety activity packs for parents. All packs can be downloaded on our home learning page under online safety.

  • CEOP: Online Safety Packs - Gaming

    CEOP have released their activity packs for all age ranges, this time focussing on the activity of online gaming. Links to the various packs can be found under Online Safety in Home Learning.

  • Please tell us if you change your address or contact details at any time.

    Help us to keep in touch with you by text and mobile!

  • Brightsparks/sQuid - September 2020

    As of September 2020 we will be unable to accept routine cash payments for Brightsparks. Please see the front page of the website or the letters folder for full details.

  • Travelling Back to School - COVID-19

    Have a look at the letters section of our website and Travelling Back to School to find out how you can safely travelling back to school.

  • Returning to Primary School - What Parents Need to Know

    The DfE have created a communications pack filled with materials to help reassure parents about coming back to school. See the COVID-19 folder of our letters section.

  • Please read our latest letter (14.09.2020)

    Please check the front page of our website and the letters folder for the latest COVID-19 information.

  • Ellowes - Year 6 Open Days
    Friday 16th October 1pm - 4pm/Saturday 17th October 9am - 1pm. Parents have to book on Ellowes website for a 30 minute slot to have a visit. Visits restricted to 1 Parent/Carer and 1 Y6 child.
  • Lockdown Reading Books

    Please return any reading books your child had during lockdown to school ASAP thanks.

  • School Dinners - week beginning 21st September 2020

    Please see our updated menu on the school website - see the Information tab (and then Information Publications - School Dinners)

Governing Body Membership

December 2019 - December 2020

The Governing Body of Roberts Primary School has a range of committees which meet regularly to oversee all aspects of the school and its development. Governors come from all walks of life and represent the local community, local authority, parents and staff at the school. Governors all give their time voluntarily to support the work of the school. We are very grateful for their support.

Governor Name Governor Type Chair or Vice Chair Committee Chair Committee Attendance Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed By Business Interests Pecuniary Interests
Beverley Baxter Co-opted Full Governors 100% 11.12.19 10.12.23 Headteacher None None
School Improvement 50%
Pay Committee -
Staff Dismissal -
Trevor Fletcher Full Governors n/a
School Improvement n/a
Finance and General Purpose n/a
Deborah Gramman Co-opted 23.11.2016 Finished term of office 31.08.2020 Headteacher Human Resources Advisor None
James Larkin Parent Governor 27.06.18 Finished term of office 08.06.2020 Headteacher None None
Steve Marsh Co-opted Vice Chairperson  Finance and General Purpose Full Governors 01.09.15 31.08.23 Headteacher None Governor - Ellowes Hall Sports College
School Improvement 50%
Finance and General Purpose 100%
Personnel 100%
Pupil Discipline n/a
Pay Committee n/a
Staff Dismissal n/a
Jane Morgan Full Governors n/a r
School Improvement n/a
Personnel n/a
Julie O'Shaughnessy Co-opted Full Governors 01.09.15 31.08.23 Headteacher None None
School Improvement 50%
Jenny Parker-Kinnaird Staff Full Governors 01.09.14 31.08.22 Headteacher None None
School Improvement 50%
Sue Smith Local Authority Chairperson Full Governors 05.04.17 04.04.21 Headteacher None None
School Improvement 100%
Finance and General Purpose 100%
Pay Committee n/a
Dismissal Appeal n/a
Personnel 100%
David Stanley Co-opted School Improvement Full Governors 01.09.15 31.08.23 Headteacher None None
School Improvement 50%
Personnel 100%
Dismissal Appeal n/a
Clare Wood Parent Governor n/a 21.03.18 Finished term of office 31.08.2020 Headteacher None None
Stewart Wright Vice Chairperson Personnel Full Governors 01.09.17 31.08.21 Headteacher Provision of legal services for DMBC None
Finance and General Purpose 100%
Personnel 50%
School Improvement 50%
Pay Appeals n/a
Staff Dismissal n/a


Our governor meetings for Autumn 2020 are:

  • School Improvement – 06.10.2020 and 24.11.2020
  • Finance and Personnel - 13.10.2020 and 17.11.2020
  • Full Governors – 15.12.2020

We currently have 2 vacancies on our governing board.