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Girl’s Football: Roberts v Milking Bank (28.03.18)

3 years ago,

After our success against Milking Bank in the recent book quiz, the girls turned up at Milking Bank for the league match feeling fairly confident. The weather wasn’t with us […]

After our success against Milking Bank in the recent book quiz, the girls turned up at Milking Bank for the league match feeling fairly confident. The weather wasn’t with us initially with it raining all the way over on the journey from Roberts. Fortunately as soon as we started warming up, the sun came out.


We kicked off but quickly lost the ball to a Milking Bank throw in. We easily defended but lost the ball again. A quick turn around meant a throw in to Roberts and our first shot at goal in the Milking Bank half. The ball was straight back up to the Roberts end with Milking Bank‘s first and second shots at goal. Some very lucky defending in our goal meant no goals yet. 3 minutes before half time and Milking Bank did well with a kick from just into our half landing in goal. Roberts fought back for the remainder of the first half with 2 goals in quick succession. A corner to finish on and 2-1 to Roberts at half time.


The second half started fast and furious with tackles and shots at goal from both teams. 5 minutes of this and Milking Bank managed to get one past our goalie. Roberts were straight back in Milking Bank‘s half but no immediate goal. Roberts kept up the pressure with the ball spending a lot of time in the opposite half. 5 minutes until the end and the rain made a return along with another goal. 3-2 to Roberts. A goal kick from Milking Bank returned straight back meant a final score of 4-2.


The first half was definitely a game of tackling and the second one of goal attempts. A good match but we’re not sure if Mr Kersey’s lucky Christmas socks influenced the end result!